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😙 Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Noun feelings Kissing face whistling face Whistling Emoticon kid Smily face with a dog kiss Person Coach Boss Whistle Face Face Emotion I dog Me boy Your crush hopefully 😊Ҙï¸
Verb wonder kissing to whistle emotional to express shock and worry about somethi to run Whistle Whistling to be in an awkward situation Running ran
Adjective ambivilent love happy Whistling small fast CUTE and CUDDLY whistle Straight faced Dude tall Me me big boy
Definition Unsure of emotion Used when one is trying to resemble a kiss, a form of sincerity this is a whistling face This is whistling. Mark used to indicate emotions A face to use when you are unsure of the severity of someone's actions or to use as an expression of approval of someone's appearance. A adorable kissy face which is totes adorable Whistle the face you make when you are caught doing something you know you should not be doing Kissing With Eyes Opened, Surprised Kiss. I used to think it was a 'pecking kiss' but now I realize it's whistling ;) I dog running the tall boy ran far. I don't know Γ°ΕΈΛœβ„’ What does this emoji really means of it was send to you by a man? My crush texted me this and I was the most happiest person ever
Example of Use I have not heard from you in four days.. She blew him a kiss using the kissing face emoji over text. I just pretended I saw nothing. He was always whistling while he worked.. Plenty of emoticons can be used in chat. Receive message that someone told their boss off at work. Send them the face to express your shock and worry about the impending consequences. OR Receive a picture of someone dressed to the 9s and send them a whistle. A cute and adorable kissy face -do it for fun ONLY :* Girl walks in the room catching boy cheating... Boy : (this emoji face) Blow my whistle baby, whistle baby ;)Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€” I dog running Fluffy dog ran afar My crush texted this to me ðŸ˜ő