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kissing face with closed eyes

😚 Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Emoji

Noun Kisses Smiley Emoticon Kissy Face Biy boyfriend woman Guy Noun To the person you love happy person Kiss Love mas
Verb Kissing
Adjective To blow kisses Seeing spechless Small Loving Lol Sweet beautiful kiss Perfection shy friendly Happy Romantic Shy but in love mas
Definition Someone blowing kisses This is a Smiley its a symbol a round mark used to show emotions Smooching face The boy means nithing In love and happy this emoji means you are blushing whistleing A someone leaning in for a kiss Somebody who is about to be really brave :) :( (:_:)
Example of Use I blew a kiss to my husband. Smiley always reflects our mood. it shows a speechless reaction. Plenty of emoticons can be used in chat. I would love to Kiss you.. Have a smoothly day I love my beautiful, loving woman It is giving someone you love a kiss, representing their perfection Noah was trying something with me 😚, but I hit him. Emily almost 😚, our OTP is so near! :) :( (:_:)