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😗 Kissing Face Emoji

Noun Lips face Emoticon Kissing face Curtis Whistling Chair F Kissing smile crying licking lips ear person Dog whisper
Verb to kiss to whisper kiss Show kissing Licking lips with a wink whisper licking To run Walk
Adjective puckered hushed silly small love Hairy Licking lips and winking The act of kissing Fluffy
Definition To use one's lips to deliver a sign of affection This is a whispering face. This is a silly kissing face. a round mark used to show emotions An action of puckering lips SUCC Watever
Example of Use He puckered his lips to kiss her cheek. He is going to whisper a secret.. The kiss face shows that I love you.. Plenty of emoticons can be used in chat. Jane pulled a kissing face towards her crush to show she wanted to kiss him.. This means to whisel just sayin How many layers of irony are on, like 5 or 6 my dude, you are like a baby watch this, πŸ˜‹ I have to wait for family to pick them up from the airport so after is good