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kissing face

😗 Kissing Face Emoji

Noun Lips face Emoticon Kissing face Curtis Whistling Chair F Kissing smile crying licking lips ear person Dog
Verb to kiss
Adjective puckered hushed silly small love Hairy Licking lips and winking The act of kissing Fluffy
Definition To use one's lips to deliver a sign of affection This is a whispering face. This is a silly kissing face. a round mark used to show emotions An action of puckering lips SUCC Watever
Example of Use He puckered his lips to kiss her cheek. He is going to whisper a secret.. The kiss face shows that I love you.. Plenty of emoticons can be used in chat. Jane pulled a kissing face towards her crush to show she wanted to kiss him.. This means to whisel just sayin How many layers of irony are on, like 5 or 6 my dude, you are like a baby watch this, 😋