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😽 Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes Emoji

Noun kitty rabbit kiss face Lips cat person Twrtuegstuihptpudwqd my
Verb to pet to kiss kiss to sleep LOVE Kissing
Adjective furry loving puckered closed CUTE beautiful Adorable
Definition this is a cat this is my rabbit A cat with a kissy face. A way to show affection This is a cat. this emoji actually means I'm feeling flirty and frisky MY CAT FELL IN LOVE to love To Kiss someone through text but in a adorable way You want to kiss spmeome watterson uwu
Example of Use the cat jumps up on people laps. His puckered lips were kissing her cheek. The cat is sleeping.. MY CAT WAS WALKING WITH ME AND SUDDENTLY, HE SAW A CUTE( OTHER) CAT. Aww That's So Cute I love you😽