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👘 Kimono Emoji

Noun kimono YUKATA Robe Kamono dog KIMONO👘👘👘👘👘👘👘👘ðŸ Kimono,Shawl,Dress China Amelia Thing clothing
Verb to wear Comfortable wear piyrwaaf Orange to run Chinese To wear a kimo! Running Pretty Kimono
Adjective orange Traditional pretty Night wear japanese Comfortable Smooth Cute Silk Silky fluffl fluffy Beautiful Chinese Woman Clothing Soft comtheble Fast Fabulous You wear it
Definition this is a kimono This is a kimono. An robe worn in Asia. Used in Nights A kimono is a japanese robe worn by japnaese women. The geisha wore a YUKATA Clothes My friend that is chinese Japanese dress China wear that I got or some then Japanese traditional dress a.k.a a Kimono I want to run It's cool
Example of Use i really want to get a kimono. He was surprised to see her wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.. The geisha wore a kimono.. Kimono used in night for Comfortable Sleep. Kimonos come in many different colors and designs.. A Yucatan is worn by Japanese women. Not men To wear Going to buy a 👘Ok? I am asian A kimono is a type of Japanese dress.8 Look I got 👘its cool I am going running with amelia 👘 I respect I’m hiyoko saionji!