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🃏 Joker Emoji

Noun joker jester Wild card Card murder Yahia Joker playing card Person dog Odd one Card, jester Old Man Fenerbahçe gleiker ,, Smile koko Jocker Γ‘Ζ’Β° ibrahim lol awewae India
Verb play to joke to laugh to jest :) To risk To be played with in a card game To scare horror Amia Toy play cards eith a wild card such as Stares to run laughing to jump SIKE!! Strange Laugh Rocket marin m Smile cx Γ‘Ζ’Β° lol awewaea BROKEN
Adjective wild black joking funny :) A wild, risky attitude Bad Luck Spooky happy A good resource fluffy sparkly SIKE Weird Black and white Wordtext facebook Jokar Smile xx Hater Γ‘Ζ’Β° lol ewawae Sleeping cat
Definition an extra card in a deck of cards this is a joker This is a person who tells jokes. This is the joker card. This is a jester. THE BROTHER OF THOSE TWO CREEPY DANCING GIRLS FROM THE SHINING Go for broke. Bet it all. Let it ride. Joker Card A scary clown card Donald J. Trump This emoji is an evil baby. He has all evil. SIKE It means to be the weird one in a group 🃏=batman Kissing facebook Smile dx All Γ‘Ζ’Β° lol Γ°Ββ€“β€šΓ°Ββ€“β€ Γ°Ββ€“β€ Γ°Ββ€“β€ ! ð‒´ 𝖍𝖆ð–ℒ𝖊 𝖎ð–ℒ! waewae Creepy
Example of Use the joker is frequently a wild card when playing cards. I heard that guy who shot those people in the movie theatre thought he was the joker. I was like a jester and I was making fun jokes.. She was dealt the joker.. The Jester is funny.. The girl picked the joker card off the deck. Idk kdjxh Clowns to the left.of me. And Jokers to the right. This Joker is a jumpy person who is very sparkly. I love you........SIKE I felt like the 🃏 in the group The joker... 🃏 Death xool Smile xx Γ‘Ζ’Β° lol awewa nothing