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ℹ Information Emoji

Noun information Letter I The letter i, information, information d Dog
Verb help to inform Flowing spelling To Wirte To write the letter i, to get or give in
Adjective lowercase italicized Small italics Writing Something shaped like an i, informational, imaginary detail
Definition This is a lowercase i on a blue square. This is an information button. English letter this is the letter i This is alphabet i Square root of -1 Imaginary number (when used in math terms), the letter i or something to do with an i, or information desk. Òℒ Γ’β„’β€Ή Information
Example of Use Click the lowercase i to get more information.. Click on the "i" button to get information.. I let the dog out.. the child finally learned to spell the letter i. He is writing alphabet I. This is imaginary... The mathamatician worked with imaginary numbers... The child learned how to write the letter i... I went to the information desk to know where the bathroom was. TheÒℒ is dating theΓ’β„’β€Ή