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♨ Hot Springs Emoji

Noun Hot heat symbol flame fire Period blood Hot Spring / Onsen Hot plate or dish Answer top of a cup of hot tea
Verb To Hot heating to cook to vaporize to burn To be on your period To cook/bake something steaming hot Answer Ahhh i love being in this hot spring
Adjective Hotness hot firey Mestration Boiling Answer
Definition Coffee is Hot denoting warmth This is a symbol This is a flame This is a red flame. I'm on my period Hot spring. Onsen. It means Hot Answer
Example of Use Every Hotness Comes to End .. We are heating the room with hot heat. symbols are used to denote some conditions. Flames are hot when we near it.. The object is on fire.. I love going to hot springs in the mountains. Hot springs are very relaxing. "This plate is very hot/♨️ Answer jkk