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🥵 Hot Face Emoji

Noun hot face Smiley ZZAZA Xx2 Laude πŸ₯΅ hot jbbb ο£Ώο£Ώο£Ώ ☹︎ Attracted to someone thing hot Alexa thing is a bad man when it is in your bottom circle
Verb Sweating To sweat --°♥οΈπŸ’♥️😢🀠Laude Baby kata fg says "that person so HAWTTTT" hot poop
Adjective Overheated Laude ghhf you're attracted to someone hot burning hot youutbe
Definition It's so hot outside Laude yhd ITS YOU INLOVE hot
Example of Use Face Laude hfr hot... you meet a hot guy and this is the face you make hot rap sap kap