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🥵 Hot Face Emoji

Noun hot face Smiley ZZAZA Xx2 Laude 🥵 hot jbbb  ☹︎ Attracted to someone thing hot Alexa thing is a bad man when it is in your bottom circle MY PP 7 INCHES
Verb Sweating To sweat --°♥️🐒♥️😶🤠Laude Baby kata fg says "that person so HAWTTTT" hot poop A hot face emoji SLIDE THAT THING IN Moaning
Adjective Overheated Laude ghhf you're attracted to someone hot burning hot youutbe A hot face BIGGER THE BETTER
Definition It's so hot outside Laude yhd ITS YOU INLOVE hot A hot emoji SEGGS
Example of Use Face Laude hfr hot... you meet a hot guy and this is the face you make hot rap sap kap This emoji will be use for hot sentence I'm 🥵