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☕ Hot Beverage Emoji

Noun Coffee cup poop poop in a cup ahd eat it tea Cup of coffee DRINK your mother Coffee / Tea Johnny, Johnny? Yes papa? heart lol Coffee Yandereism Eating sugar? no papa
Verb drinking to drink drink brew To say some tea to drink tea Sipping your mother I drank a cup of Coffee / Tea. Eating sugar? No papa. caffeine lol spill the tea
Adjective brown hot brittle steaming Shady warm, herbal your mother Coffee / Tea Flavored Telling Lies? No papa. coffee lol Stabbing someone for your iced coffee
Definition A caffeinated drink usually drank in the morning or when a perk of energy is needed A beverage made from coffee beans. a pot with handle that holds drinkable beverage cup of coffee caffeinated beverage that tastes great and helps give you energy it means calm and peace in the act of drinking tea COFFEE! your mother A hot beverage, popularly interpreted as coffee or tea. Open your mouth.. lol Remember: Being yandere for iced coffee means if your coffee is hot it mean your coffees having an affair.
Example of Use eVery morning I drink a cup of coffee to help wake me up.. Here's a cup of coffee to wake you up.. put the coffee in the cup. A hot cup of coffee sounds good on a cold morning.. I need a cup of coffee to give me energy.. The herbal TEA was an excellent addition to the breakfast. Where's my daily cup of coffee? your mother I drank a cup of tea / coffee. Tea HAH! HAH! HAH! lol