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🐎 Horse Emoji

Noun Horse Beautiful horse race horse Fast car Hores if your dyslexic Place dog food
Verb To race RUNNING to run To Ride Gallop *A part of nature in the animal kingdom* to gallop Pop dog food
Adjective Majestic BROWN running Riding *Mesmerizing or Fascinating, Awesome* fast Qwer dog food
Definition This is a horse The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus A horse is an animal. This is horse A four legged animal with a tail and long nose used for transport I just really like horses. *A gift to nature, as Mesmerizing as though the horse* To run freely like a horse All dog food
Example of Use The horse looks majestic as it runs fast. Horses are tall animals. Horse is used for races. The horse has a long mane.. Beautiful horses🐴, Running in the night Γ°ΕΈΕ’Ε‘, Brown hair cut beautiful Γ’Ε“Β¨. *That horse is fascinating.* He has a ðŸ‑🏼 The horse raced like there was no tomorrow dog food