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⚡ High Voltage Emoji

Noun Lightning arrow lightening bolt bolt Electricity Bolt (the dog) Kutya Thing Banana HARRY POTTER dog wizard O ytyt voldermort âš¡âš¡âš¡ cream madina
Verb To strike to point crashes strike move To kill people Avada Kedavara!!! to run Moving âš¡âš¡âš¡ haha
Adjective stricken sharp bright lightning dangerous Strong in nature Deadly fluffy Gold âš¡ scar of wand âš¡âš¡âš¡ D454&t6c%-$56hgffff applelle
Definition This is a lightning bolt. this is an arrow crashing lightening bolt A lightning strike. electric current Harry potter's scar Hp's scar the fluffy dog ran far what does this emoji mean? Scar âš¡âš¡âš¡ F4scism
Example of Use I was struck by his opinion.. the arrow is ready to hit the ground during the storm. The lightening bolt crashes in the sky.. electricity is properly installed. "AVADA KEDAVARA I'm saying this to Harry Potter, yo." Voldemort shouts, "it's deadly, man." the fluffy dog is cute âš¡âš¡âš¡