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🐣 Hatching Chick Emoji

Noun Chick Egg a chick Dog cat poo duck Flower hatch Hatching egg Chicken An egg with a chick hatching Wheelchair chick Dance
Verb Hatching To eat to hatch hatch skip poo the duck sat Chicken DUCK hurt Duh Moves
Adjective To hatch Eatable cute small lovely poo Elegent
Definition Chicks come from eggs. This is a egg This is a chick. This is a baby chick. This is a chick from egg. it is very cute and adorable poo poo idk duck chick duck I saw a egg hatching. Hatching chick Moving and energetic
Example of Use I saw eggs hatch. Egg is good for eating. The baby chick hatched from the egg.. The eggs are hatched to give chicks.. the cat likem tom skip and it is so cute and adorable poo mpoo .................chick blew up I saw a really cute chick hatching out an egg Chick A chicken is hatching...exiting! The baby chick turned out to have muscular dystrophy and had to go through rigorous training text but its parents didn't care and didn't want to pay all the feathers for that so they pushed him off a cliff and yelled fly but he fell If you dance you will be energetic