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👜 Handbag Emoji

Noun Purse handbag bag Pocketbook Denmark Dog çanta Fox
Verb Carrying is heavy to carry to store to carry personal items hold it Punch Bag To run he Sneezy
Adjective To carry brown storage fully organized Mouldy Bag Fluffy fe
Definition A purse holds your stuff brown handbag This is a purse A purse to hold items. This is a bag. Steal Window cleaning Bag çanta taşıma 💗
Example of Use I carry a purse. The brown handbag is heavy.. It's in my purse. Women like to have hand bags when they go out. i bought a new bag Let's go steal some stuff I went to denmark then punched the window cleaner because he spelt mouldy, he died, soz Dog going to run dog fluffy The fluffy sneezy fox ran to my house.