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🐹 Hamster Face Emoji

Noun hamster Mouse mouse, guinea pig Guinea pigs ferby LaTashia Y HAMSTER OF THE LORDS
Verb looking To squeak tiny to be a mouse, To run to eat observe emoji LaTashia 🐭 T cleaning POOPING CLEANING
Adjective happy furry cute mousy, Running fluffy whiskery ULTIMATE CUTENESS Animal LaTashia Y
Definition A content hamster. This is a mouse a small rodent usually kept as a pet. This is a mouse's face. it means tommy doesn't know his animals It's just a cute symbol to get someone to like you or know that you have pets. Happiness this emoji means a cute hamster is looking for food. Pets Great LaTashia J EVERYTHING
Example of Use The mouse walked along a path. I have a grey pet hamster that runs in a wheel.. My favorite animal is a mouse.. Mice is the plural of mouse. The guinea pig will observe you with its whiskery face. a REALLY cute hamster is looking for food.(^^) I love my furby LaTashia GUINEA pig