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🍔 Hamburger Emoji

Noun burger Cheeseburger Hamburger connor cheseburger poo Burger burger burger
Verb to eat eating connor love cheese bergers Going to McDonalds EAT. JUST EAT.
Adjective tasty yummy Meaty delious yum Very good
Definition this is a burger A type of food with meat, cheese and a bun a sandwich made from a pressed patty of groundbeef This is a hamburger. a burger with cheese This is a cheseburger it is tasty poo m It makes me hungery
Example of Use will you bbq burgers tonight/. Nick ordered four cheeseburgers from McDonalds.. I want to order a hamburger with cheese.. He loved hamburgers too much to be a vegetarian.. I have a craving for a cheeseburger. I got cheseburgers for dinner from Wendy's poo Discussing dinner and type in πŸ”