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grinning face with smiling eyes

😁 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Noun face Grinning Smile Smiley person Awkwar Period Yikes Dad Grimace Pornographer Weeeeeeeee it's cold Poop I No your New teeth lie Annie Dog Go to Tongue Boy school Grinning Thinking emoji constipated Man l/d/akjvkjkgb Weird Pain she girl sad strategy 😁😁😁 sausage sarcasm boy or girl Chattering teeth Y DGM πŸ˜ƒ Thing Puppy Human me Sex Pizza hut Sofia Sun Cat life Penis cum up Jared deluna ass cute smiley i love persin Death hfksm Scared Kat Ψ¨Ω‡Ψ§Ψ± Screaming guy 😏 Donkey Elephant Ssskdjshd God
Verb grunt
Adjective angry grimmacing large Reflecting awkward sure? idk? Excited Tampon Daddy cold, nervous. you Yellow Disbelief no cheeky hope Happy Round dishonest Squishy Fluffy Hurting Not good exciting Finger Cheesy Uh oh , Nervous Pained cold sad Eyes are almost closed like thisπŸ˜‘ when someone takes a pic of you Smiling eyes with Grimacing Face deeply crying Red heart serious Freezing or tramitized Constipated freezing 😍 Weirs THE BEST Grrrr Nervous Looks like he needs to poop Big Eating Scared Nice cringy Briggt Squash soul Deadly Am happy to row/coach/cox Stupid Bonnybridge Ha ha ok thanks Smelly Pretty Pink Funny
Definition to display displeasure This is a grimmacing face. An expression when a smile is forced This is a smiley this is a face grimacing it's a face that is not really scared but like "omg, idk about this" Awkward A excited grinning face The girl was in pain because of her period My dads pum shivering, teeth chattering, grimmacing The most happiest emoji of all time Grimace face - awkward face It is happy no This emoji means to tell the person you're texting that you really don't care about what they texted but you want to be nice anyway. Sarcasticly angry or cheesy smile lying or chattering teeth It means that it's going to the bathroom happy making fun of something or smiling at something The fluffy dog ran far Me when Im high in front of the police Something on someone is hurting. Such as teeth, arms, legs, back,etc. It means you've messed up big time I really don't care if you text all day 😁 Smiling big I'm in the middle of something Eat u out It's means I'm super happy It means that I absolutely love what you just texted. Cheesy smile It's an emoji that's cold. To me,it means like,somebody who's gettin* a needle or a punch in the face,or gettin* kicked in the teeth or gettin* tied up in a chair in the basement with kindness or something like that🀐 Amazingness This is so funny reading all these definitions Pain Copy something sad I am smiling but I am not happy Wink with red heart yeah really funny[in a fake way] or fake laughing To be very scared or cold This emoji probably means a sarcastic smile, showing that you are happy about something, but you just smile awkwardly to make somebody feel better about themselves Awkward, constipated, gritting teeth, to hide something It means a girl smiling bc her bf gave her gift, she is happy! Lying about something Allot It means playtime, loyalty, and ABSOLUTE CUTENESS!!!!!!!! Really happy and crazy Awkward and nervous feeling He needs to poop Blue face Blue grimmacing When you are seeing somthing that looks wrong this emojii means to me as a happy emojii like someting good happen It makes me feel amazing 😨 Lots 0< Cringe Yikes! Light :) Awesome A really happy emoji lol my life is crumbling but mkay πŸ΄πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Grinding teeth, unwilling,unhappy to do a task. cute and sweet guy This emoji means death, scared, and deadly. Nervous I'm a stupid person who is shameful Run is week mix see en if Dr on bio da in Hi da on ex ho da lb dew I am fake smiling Love you anyways... Grinnin' fool. Oh My! Constipated 😑 It's meant hall The pink donkey danced The funny elephant skipped away
Example of Use He grunted angrily. The face grimmaced at me.. Smiley always reflects our mood. are you sure about this?. I asked my mom if you could come over. she said no. maybe I could come to your house😁 Ur spending the night at my house tonight😁😁 The girl was in pain because of her period I never knew I could my dad she grimaced in fear, his teeth chattered. He came so hard The girl was in pain because of her grimacing school period I am happy The Emoji people didn't stop Yeah, okay... that is cool, i guess.[ use emoji here. ] Hope your coming I will use my round face to show emotion Fhcksjdhsisjen When Annie says something funny and ur just "cheesin" Hi Dylan The fluffy dog ran far :p My arm is hurting from the football game last night. I'm judging you because you've messed up big time. Whoops, I didn't mean to do that 😁 The cold emoji was chattering his teeth wildly. My mum smokes the Devils cabbage Well shit then, that's awkward Fluffy dog running so sad sit down crying yolo Wink with red heart oh, yeah really funny,like if i am laughing I am so cold 😁 Brrrrrrr...., I wonder what's in there 😁 I hope it's not scary He worked so hard on his project, but it was very ugly. To make him happy, I just did😁 He looked awkward because he was constipated and gritting his teeth. someone asked do you have my phone and you do and you said no and smile A girl is excited because her boyfriend gave her a gift. πŸ˜πŸ˜“πŸ˜ƒ The loyal, playful, adorable puppy emoji is THE BEST EMOJI EVER!!!!!!!! I have a fluffy dog and loves to run Feeling awkward and nervous He needs to poop. Grimmesin I was looking at the kid when he hit his head and my face got big and my teeth came out I use this emojii when i am at a dance or when pass gegoia milesstone Thanks for his games Hello Sofia texted me a nice message and it meant lots Your instagram posts are cringe It costs that much....yikes The sun light is bright. lol my life is crumbling but mkay I just left for lunch and you called up wanting me to assist in some task I love this smiley emoji and i use it all the time That means that yo will die soon πŸ˜€ I am so nervous for the test No oh x I'll ink in I am fake smililing Mowwse ran from the Monkey 'cause.... The dog was walked by a pretty girl Oh my goodness...can you believe that!? πŸ˜¬πŸš½πŸš«πŸ’© 😀 The pink donkey danced