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😦 Frowning Face With Open Mouth Emoji

Noun face surprised face distress Emoticon Illuminati thing shocked face Sigh A Kent State after the Clemson game. p
Verb to complain to be shocked scared feel To emotionalize When you realize you joined the illumina exasperated Speechless Sigh to sigh Exasperation thin Unsure p
Adjective unhappy exasperated spooky Enotionally Illuminati thing Exhausted my friend wont stop using this
Definition The face was complaining. A shocked face. this is a face to be upset about something An icon with emotion Exasperated thing I feel sorry for the emoji! Happiness. veyr importbat
Example of Use He complained about the situation.. I was shocked at the news.. the face is scared after seeing a ghost. His distress was obvious. Use emoticon in facebook chat. i am a thing Kent state ++ i can spell i promise