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🐥 Front-facing Baby Chick Emoji

Noun duckling a chick chick duck Chicken yellow T🐑🐺🐊🐌🐑🐌🐑🐺🐑🐠ducker
Verb to waddle to peep to chirp to tweet to hug to smile cheep ! cheep! Duck Love
Adjective yellow adorable young hugging fluffy and yellow cute cute chubby
Definition This is a duckling. This is a chick. yellow chick baby chicken this is a chick This means I want to hug or be hugged It means that you are happy or exited. sunshine spring yellow Duckling everything
Example of Use The yellow duckling is flapping its wings.. Stop being to adorable.. I raised a chick. that chick is so cute. i always think of chicks when i eat eggs. Here, hug *emoji here* *emoji here* Hug, please? "I am so exited for the concert!πŸ₯" CHEEP! Please feed the πŸ₯