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🐸 Frog Face Emoji

Noun frog lilly dog lily DAT BOI DAY FROG, PEPE THE FROG MLG FROG Pepe amphibian hot Froggie KeRmIt De FrOg
Verb hop to ribbet hopping To croak to be a frog to run Be happy HER COMES DAT BOI to BOI Unicycle Unicyling hopping on lillypads cutieee Hops Leap KeRmIt
Adjective green Froggy fluffy Smooth DAT BOI BOI awsome Mlg slimy cute Slimey Adorable KeRmIt
Definition This is a green frog. this is a frog A green amphibian usually found near water. This is a frog. This is a frog's face. weirdo alot OMG ITS DAT BOI DAT BOI <3 Hop on over to my place 🐸 Dat boi pepe. He is my heart and soul crazy jupming shawtyy Frog or silly boi The World KeRmIt
Example of Use The green frog hopped.. I found a frog at the lake. I have a pet frog I keep in a large aquarium.. The frog sat on a lily pad.. My favorite animal is a frog.. dog is to run in fluffy weirdo pants amazing lilly w0t Hop on over to my place JUMP AROUND LIKE CRAZY🐸 You are a 🐸 Froggies mean The World to me! KeRmIt