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🐸 Frog Face Emoji

Noun frog lilly dog lily DAT BOI DAY FROG, PEPE THE FROG MLG FROG Pepe amphibian
Verb hop to ribbet hopping To croak to be a frog to run Be happy HER COMES DAT BOI to BOI Unicycle Unicyling hopping on lillypads
Adjective green Froggy fluffy Smooth DAT BOI BOI awsome Mlg slimy
Definition This is a green frog. this is a frog A green amphibian usually found near water. This is a frog. This is a frog's face. weirdo alot OMG ITS DAT BOI DAT BOI <3 Hop on over to my place 🐸 Dat boi pepe. He is my heart and soul crazy jupming
Example of Use The green frog hopped.. I found a frog at the lake. I have a pet frog I keep in a large aquarium.. The frog sat on a lily pad.. My favorite animal is a frog.. dog is to run in fluffy weirdo pants amazing lilly w0t Hop on over to my place JUMP AROUND LIKE CRAZY🐸