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🍀 Four Leaf Clover Emoji

Noun four leaf clover clover 4 leaf clover Leaves Good luck Leprechaun smile mouth closed Leaf Plant four-leaf clover ðŸ‒ Hotdog pride Irish Heart Chase Elloitt Patricia Horseshoe Shamrock four leaf four leaf color fdf t
Verb find Lucky for luck wish Luck of the Irish awesome to run Bring luck to others Amazing Grows to find work Soar best driver appreciate whishes you good luck donate win leaf leaf color fd t
Adjective lucky To find a clover Has 4 leaves So poop Rare Good luck Irish lucky, green, rare, beautiful soft strong winner and fearless best smile Beautiful dfour fa t
Definition a clover with 4 leafs, thought to be lucky a representation of good luck A four leaf clover a rare leaf from a clover plant This is a four leaf clover Symbolizes the Irish luck Two symbols of leaves and one of blue three leaf clover I think it means luck. It means you have Goodluck To me this emoji means irish. I do irish dance so me and my friends use this emoji a lot. May you have good luck, and preserve this rare beauty. serenity My Irish Heart Class act second to None!! good luck im a lucky person Lucky fd fa t
Example of Use I just found a 4 leaf clover, hopefully I will have some luck soon. I hope to find a lucky four-leafed clover. I found a lucky 4 leaf clover. I found a four leaf clover.. You are so lucky.. I found a rare four leaf clover. The lucky four-leafed clover is a rare, beautiful thing to find. The clover is peaceful. My Irish Heart is Lucky to Soar! ҝ€ï¸ðŸ€ Chase is the man Appreciate your guidance and help in the past, wish you all the best. God Bless! yay a clover!!! Lucky 🍀 you! Say you find a clover you will get good luck for the rest of the day fd fa t