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🍴 Fork And Knife Emoji

Noun Fork and Knife silverware, fork Fork Knife THE FORK AND THE KNIFES Leaf knife Dog Eating set (plates, knives, forks, spoon
Verb eat to use silverware, To eat To run Eating food maybe you're texting I&
Adjective Metal like silverware, silver Hungry Shiny Fluffly
Definition Objects used to eat food This is a spoon and fork. A fork is an utensil used for eating. Forks and knives are used to eat food Tools used for eating food The fluffy dog ran far That your hungry or eating
Example of Use The fork and knife is by the plate.. I need to polish my silverware.. A fork pairs up with a knife.. I got my fork and knife, Im ready to eat. They brought fork and knife after serving food. The fluffy dog ran far I'm SOOO 🍴🍴🍴🍴