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🍥 Fish Cake With Swirl Emoji

Noun fishcake naruto fish cake, candy Fish Cake black Me Worm Cake Dog Sushi Cat flower thingy Candy? IDK Sqirrell k cf jc v. chvjk fjjgjkbkk kvbk
Verb eat to eat a naruto fish cake, to eat eating hi To jump with peace sign To run to hypnonize to sleep FLOUNCE
Adjective asian pink like a naruto fish cake, sugary yellow Cool Fluffy swirly Yummy fbudnthdbfv Iolbhwiiujhs,fim c u,v cm. U a. H. N. ; 🥄🥄🍽🍽🍽
Definition A fishcake is a type of asian food. designed kamaboko This is a naruto fish cake. this is a candy A type of Japanese food found in ramen Cool a weird worm cake Blank dreamy It is like good candy cute I luv addin random definitions onto random emojis rfxnjbnjn😈😐😁🍤🍭🍠🍖 Ee
Example of Use Fishcake can be found in soups.. I like kamaboko in my ramen. I want to eat a naruto fish cake.. I forgot the candy. The fish cake has a cool pink swirl design.. Hello We all ate the worm cake, then threw up. Blank I ate it. Hey Joe, I'm having some candy it looks so cute how ghe fluffy cat is sleeping No 🍚🍤🍚🍞🍡🍢fhhjhvjhho