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😨 Fearful Face Emoji

Noun face Emoticon expression Emoji you Bob wth tree Hji cn tower Person Silly face😆 Heart , Brain freeze, ice cream headache, brai Other blue emojis Table Angry Ff to kxytra . Nyla Latino wearing a beanie mom
Verb to shock emotional express shocked to feel Scared ruun Supreme panic stricken ❤ attack kick uii jump Sick/ hungover Who looks funny😚 Attack freeze! . Freeze, damage, chill. To jump Silly me Ft h heart attack freezing Dying
Adjective sad round shocked cold Blue shiny Scared oh snap spiky uhhu Shocked horribly happy Green,sick, throwing up frightened . Blue, frozen, stupid, cold. Fluffy Good realationship Brain freeze frozen disgusted
Definition This is a sad face. shape displaying emotions shocked expression This is a cold face This is sad face. That I'm scared EMBARRSED the panic stricken oh snap wth . it means to me that if someone tells you are on a talk show you would make this emoji or you just realized you forgot to study for a test when you are usually an A+ student It means that you can't believe that thing is actually happening Upset Being able to use it at times like this I don't know .Like his enemi just asked her to go on a date,and surprised her like cray cray😗😵😵😵😵 I'm having a heart attack Brain damage from brain freeze or cold dead brain cells or slow thinker. Sad Hnj cold disgusted/surprised emoji me when i see a cursed discord message
Example of Use The face looked shocked.. Use emoticon in facebook chat. It is so cold here today that I was surprised when I walked out.. I heard the bad news and had a sad face.. Run im shininingly EMBARRASED Omg I'm having a heart attack I am very happy Surprised her like cray cray😗😵😵😵😵 .... I'm having a heart attack The slow thinking idiot ate ice too fast and got brain freeze causing even more brain damage. To jump Uuff freezing face emoji what did you just say?