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👩‍👩‍👧 Family: Woman, Woman, Girl Emoji

Noun Family Mum Thing Should Gay Group People Lesbain couple person
Verb To have a famimy Lesbians Love :) Wink to group separate people together. Group Family Amazing
Adjective Two women in a relationship with a child :) Beautiful Disgusting Family grouping ... Sexy cute
Definition It means 2 women are raising a female chikd Lobe, respect, modern relationships :) A Mum wink her eye, and she's beautiful Lesbian relationship with a daughter Happy family Gay Represents a group of two larger individuals and one small individual. This is not gross it's beautiful because love is love is love is love and it cannot be swept aside 😎 Two and a Half Women love
Example of Use The two mothers celebrated with their child Poor child The family Gay A group of uncategorized people. This is an amazing and beautiful relationship or its two women raise or taking care of a child Idek Two and a Half Women is gonna be a terrible rip off. This family is so cute and I love how cute they look. They look like they love eachother. They are persons