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👨‍👨‍👧 Family: Man, Man, Girl Emoji

Noun two guys and a girl 2 boys and 1 girl Dads and Daughter agreeable Poor little girl freak show Family Two brothers and sister Gay parents Mike Men bank money Parents and there daughter or two brothe
Verb play to smile/laugh To have fun together DESTRUCTION Smiling Spending time together all Two gay parents and their daughter awesome Active A Nothing wrong with it
Adjective happy Cool circus world Together Having fun Equality Selfish Completely fine Cute
Definition I have no idea. . We're not happy, Family is forever kiss face family Two gay parents and their daughter. Used to tell that there is two gay parents and a daughter Anger Lka
Example of Use These three people are happy and have fun and play together. We want to inflict our perversion on to the next generation The family is smiling together but seriously shes so unlucky i bet her friends wont come over...); Hello good morning Fight Happy family