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family: man, man, boy

👨‍👨‍ Family: Man, Man, Boy Emoji

Noun 2 and 1/2 men A nice family Two Men & Son Adam & Steve Boy DAMNNNNN cat Gay 2 men and a son people family, happiness, home, brother Bottle and blue shirt with red tie Family gay A normal family with two dads Two men and one boy Axplace A nice loving family
Verb playing "house" Sicko gross Fast Love Taking a pic Family photo Loving to protect, to love, taking a picture Family Gay Adopted Hugging Nice
Adjective Happy Family Selfish, perverse YUCK two gays w/ a son gross Gay Beautiful mADE BABY Gay men Happy,Proud fat Gay😂 gross,wrong happy, Boys Nice,normal Lovable Loving
Definition Two married men aotoped a son Two men adopted a son and have a happy family together; family photograph. , 2 men together,want what they can't have. I hate this emoji idk Someone gay Stuff two consenting adult men starting a family and hopefully having a happy life brothers taking a pic The men are married The gay family Two and a Half Men It means that children get adopted To have a gay family with a boy Means if They are going to love It means that not all all of one gender has to have the other gender Don't talk to me or my son ever again
Example of Use Two men ahopted a son The men know they don't have the correct organs to reproduce children. So, they're going to inflict their perversion on the kid. Love is love. Just damnnn that pusy no good idk You use this when you are gay The hay family are happy The gay family are happy Two and a Half Men is my favourite show. I just adopted a boy with Mark we are a happy family 👨‍👨‍👦 Families are great! Jon and I just got a son