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😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji

Noun face Face without mouth emoticon no face bewildered I Dog V SDBNBVDGCVBAWDJKV HJ,D shshs speechless Sausage person No mouth Eyes Yellow face hi Philippines hint UDFIJGIJFKDSJ IWD derp quiet kiss Cow Pregnant AM Emoji earth Worieed someone not knowing what to say silence g Hate Silencer Cat Sidney Crosby Moon Me girl Fun yuck Addict duh Carmr Blank Human face Calado Feliz Chris Mouth shut Man poo eyebrows Dog face Mouth Shy CLueless Silly face😆 Mouse nothing boy {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} ####### food teacher snitche snitch run Ston Missing roma apple silly face Church Band aid 💨 No mouth face ffee Blank Face human miss you 恩愛歐詩 📗💧一一一一.一.一。 等 👠Undecided face trash friend Nothingness Coma Ew silent treatment Gg 8ygvc 8ygc 8gy ceg8yv ecyv8c eyg8ce 8 Bored Fred Suprised bear Horse What ever Michigan poop Potato Emojis HARAMBE noun Send nudes Liv Katherine Conor Xs work Silent P fucc me jlassi med sabri Ggf Jelly I'm just going to shut my mouth emo place some ugly face sak X':"'" '"& 😶😶😶😶'''' Name O When you look at the pregnancy test for Alyssa You 😐 brah face
Verb missing silence To quiet convey emotion to feel am To run Talk to quite Love Quiet Nothigh To do nothing every speechless to catch derp OMG Smiling Feeling Do stuff sieltly Periods blood yuck gfh scratch Lost feelings Stop expressionless Can't respond To eat Faceless not talking Playing hockey 1/4 inside circle turn off Bored Shush Jog Addiction Talking shock To have no emotion Bdidb Yuk No words Quietly Caught Too quiet poo wiggle No Fluffy Sick Don't Talk Much Who looks funny😚 nothing lonley [][][][][] -------- girl To sit Yuck laugh has says blank look ㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅂㄱ fap duh Mix To speak no evil Run sitting Be Silent To shut up I wi9 Be happy To walk Shutup Hiding Happy suprized Nope Do 8 c c sx8 ex8yvg 8gyvx c 8yev8gyvexxe raised eyebrows To wish feel good Vomit yucky missing you Silent to skip Busy ĺkÅ‚.,😈💞❤💕💔😱😵👸ðŸ 😘 to swim Don't care Sex Walk Not taking to have fun Look To be silent or not say anything To talk Speehless Numbness HARAMBE 🌭 Send nudes not listening penis Crying Psxjjxjclckixmelw fucc hma G Standing Yes Just told a lie jerking off faping Dissing Think Blank fast Chomp violently you realy do dat brah?
Adjective blank vapid No mouth emotional expressionless bewildered Lonely Silly Fluffy Bored one scruffy derp Smiling ❤️ Happy Duh Stuffed Shy Poopy Umm.. Ugh Quiet Ender of communication No face Nice Dark moon , yellow circle Yellow circle مرتبك sad Clueless Sitting Addicted Slight surprised Dhjd yuck Gross missing Unresponsive ? Feelings Confused poo Shut it up Cute No mouth😮 mouthless [][][][][][][][] stiff girl Gray fun no money no ㄱㅂㄱㅍㅣㅣㅣㅅㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅣㅂㄱ fap Observation Alcohol Silent Annoying Fluff In love Duhh fiuffy Nervous Confident Impressed fat shut up 😙😚😆😘😘😙😚🙄😑😆😙😚🙄😆😑 Wish SWEET undecided Busy Cani sikkin I Yellow yucky Tall hairy Wasting time Soft poofy Boring Slap Unspeakable Shocked Speechless Bored to tears HARAMBE 🌭 Joshua look behind you tired penis me cool Jelly Shut ur mouth moaning Yikes Wet Flu No words real N/A :/
Definition A lack of emotion or expression USed when nothing happens This is a face with no mouth to convey emotion through emoticon this is a face without a mouth silent not a snitch Happy Pink No one talking, speechless ,calm, no noise :-& It means that im bored f What do you think :-O) It means something inspirational yo me. -3 SD derp :-* OMG killer Lol NOTHING PERIODS dog That u are speechless to speak to someone Oh no gh Indifference It means to me that I have nothing to say to you. I am not responding to you NO COMMENT having nothing to say; no comment. Not talking and cross Everything Blushing in silence Unknown It's that time of the season when I can think about the past. The Silence What does this emoji means? Speechless My lips are sealed..I'll never tell speechless, awkward To have no emotion or feelings for the preferring reference Gross stuff Dealing I have no idea It means that you are blank or you're like wondering or shocked till you have nothing to say No comment or confused poo Mum Silent Confident don't repeat this A person who is too shy to talk To me,it means some weirdo who is phsyc ,and fell unconscious 1 second ago,and is so mad he fell unconscious, that he didn't even frown a scream!!🤐😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 someone that is shy and does not what to get embarrassed {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} your writing is boring nnapy are relly col Every thing in the world important blank All eyes, discovering and figuring out journey or season 💨 :$ I have nothing to say fluffy To me, it means silence, which can be interpreted as many things—shyness, anger, tiredness, hopefulness, etc.—but to me it means that I'm feeling some sort of inner conflict (It could be anything from cramps to craving burgers to feeling sad. Silent chuckle I am speechless This person lives me. She needs to JUMP Showing Indifference Bored ? He or she is scared 😶 cool,funny,always use it dumb Ew :* The h7 Making a wish I feel very good inside. Yuk Hfyf It means when you don't know what to say so you don't say anthing The fluffy dog ran far the fluffy bear can run A kiss The hairy horse swam fast. Nothing else to say I'm serious! poofy poop You done know what to stay The dog took his mouth The silence face means that you don't want to talk about something Shy to talk your crush Shocked. Loss for words Painfully bored HARAMBE Joshua look behind you BUT Send nudes 🙃🙃🙃😶 FIST ME DADDY 😫😫💦💦👊 this emoji is not listening It really means to me Nobody has to know. pls Jffhfe Shy This emoji is silent and never talks All of this time has a little time on a lot but it makes It means you don't talk When u tell somthing like a secret u say ohh um nothing and shut ur mouth and walk away Have an orgasm Without Answer You have no words or just can't talk bad 😶 realy?
Example of Use The blank face was missing any hint of a smile. He did not know what to say so he used the face without mouth emoji.. Please be quiet. emoticon can say what words can't. I feel bewildered. I am speechless Talk happy, silly sausage. No Iam speechless 😶 :-& I called my friend bc i am 😶 In philippines i had to catch a very big gigentic fish abdnit was also scruffy and scary. AD derp I was speechless when I found out that guy liked me. awesomeness is awesomeness Lol OMG, I don't know what to say hrbvcfh He didn't care where he and friends went to eat so he simply replied 😶 I hate being with you and I wish I never was with you. I am not responding to this Not talking and cross HE SI A HOCKEY PLAYER HE IS A HOCKEY PLAYER The moon is very bright tonight at its 1/4 fase The moon is very bright yellow tonight with in Hanes the darkness of the quarter moon. Whoever wanna use it can use it That gift left me speechless. 😶 When I hear a lame check my face goes blank. That is so gross Hey🐶 She is such a quite 🐱 Speechless, to be silent; to have silence, shocked, wide eyes open Why are you single?😶... poo Uggtff vggjji Mum's the word hey I like u 😶 The mouthless emoji has nothing on it. haha "it" and has no mouth. ........... As your teacher, I have to tell you that your writing is boring me to the point of being stiff. Dog is fluffy run boy ydtfdsggyseysvyer dis funi I have to sit down. I miss you Romalyn laugh loud I'm really missing the church This is a journey of discovery. Don't ever call you sorry to be a snitch If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. You use this emoji when you have no comment😶 she is so fluffy After Noah had not replied to Ana's texts for days, she sent a last, hopeful one full of sadness and shyness and hopelessness and a hint of despair. *Ana* Are you there? 😶 There was no reply. Idk what to say Come to me As everybody screamed at the top of their lungs, the blank faced man had no reaction 😶 ? wow stupid 'You wanna hang out?' Me: *hates person* 😶😶😶😶 um I'm busy Us 9 fcr8uhb A hint that means a wish Yuck I'm returning to work Wow! reading this makes me feel really good Utf6f Emotional Hi....i...i nevermind*stays quiet* the fluffy dog runs happily You need to kiss The hairy horse swam fast. The bed walked to soft island hi The dog took his mouth You just been up to something naughty and not talk about it... Shy to talk to crush I don't know what to say I feel like laying in down and silently screaming Send nudes Wow yeah let's do it Tsering He's really cute penis I can't tell you what they said, but I really want to. daddy Fjhet This is me to you- 😶 You are always 😶 Talk to me Duh Orgasm U with me?😶 Lips out Wyatt 😶 Ok....😶 it was bad and happen so fast i didnt even see the deer when the limb hit me in mouth I love to 😶my 😶 ihrbr I need 😵😵😵😵😈😪👺😪😈😪😪👺😪🙀😿🙌🙌🙌