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😛 Face With Stuck-out Tongue Emoji

Noun face tongue silly Smiley silly face Cat Person Cheaky Girl Blab When Bae Txt me 💅🏼 hi hi😁😁😁😁 Taj Mahal Th Lick L Lesoie
Verb to taunt Stick to smile to joke To jog Happy To flirt Txt Cheeky weird licking Fun Catching flies Lick Eyes up
Adjective funny sillyness good silly Soft Wet yellow Fluffy 💦✨👑 fsaaf hi😣😣😣
Definition This is a face, sticking out its tongue. A part of the mouth A good smiley this is a silly face dog happy Flirting Alot A girl flirting with boy. Shows that you are not serious and kidding My Bae Txt me 👃🏼😬 all Day 😆 eggplant emoji tortilla It is my favorite emoji when bae texts you Lick me
Example of Use He laughed as he stuck out his tongue.. Sticking your tongue out makes a funny face. I feel silly.. The smiley indicates the mood of a person who send Messages. you're so cute when you're confused. I want to 😛 happy I am flirting with you. Fluffy Send eggplant emoji. She might reply with tongue out emoji. He Txt me all night like 💦💦 Imma going to slap you yydyw You are sexy