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😰 Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat Emoji

Noun face Cry, Sad Worried Emoji Face Blowing burgers out of nose crying Worried person expressing their emotions Person Unicorn Cat Cold and crying Desperation, gasping, sweating Jabai
Verb cry to be uneasy Worrying to cry, to cry Run Scared, Worried, Guilty, Stressed ... Blow crying,farting constipated Scared, worried, frightened Crying To walk Running away/bieng chased
Adjective sad stressed crying Fluffy The words above ... Mad Emotional Sad,Worried Fuzzy guilty Unsure Too hot
Definition Crying is shedding tears A worried and stressed face. This is a worried, sad face This is a crying image. This is a sad face. Sad It's face tells you it is worried, or stressed. This Emoji could be used for expressing that they are worried, stressed, scared or even guilty. ... Idk To me it's a person that's so worried about Something in their lives that they cry over it Weirded out or awkward Your cold whilst crying Desperation πŸ’¦ OMG did the teacher call on me?!?! I wasn't even paying attention...OH NO Unsure What does the imoji mean
Example of Use A crying face is a sad face. This is making me worry. now iam in crying mood.. The unhappy person cried.. ... This person is very emotional Sad,depressed,miserable,worried The cat was being weird 😰 I was crying on a long winters night when I was stuck outside The man was chasing me as I worked up a sweat I'm happy 😰