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face with open mouth

😮 Face With Open Mouth Emoji

Noun Surprise Face Smiley doll Blow job face Surprised Face found out secret Someone's fucking my ass!?
Verb Surprised to be surprised To surprise To Smile surprise I LOVE SALLY Suprised Bluuuuuuup squeeze drip
Adjective To be surprised surprising Surprised Smiling I LOVE FAITH TOO Noice lets make baby's Mind blown
Definition Something that surprises you This is a surprised face. This face is surprised This is a Smiley SURPRISING DOLL Someone who is surprised to see a **** Found out a secret
Example of Use When someone threw me a birthday party I was surprised. You surprised me.. Smiley always reflects our mood. Doll surprising with new same like doll. Found out a secret totally surprised BUTT SEX!!! 😋😜😝😯😲😭