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😮 Face With Open Mouth Emoji

Noun Surprise Face Smiley doll Surprised Face found out secret Place Suprise Emoji
Verb Surprised to be surprised To surprise To Smile surprise I LOVE SALLY Suprised Run 😮😮😮 surprised
Adjective To be surprised surprising Surprised Smiling I LOVE FAITH TOO Noice lets make baby's Mind Blown Open mouth
Definition Something that surprises you This is a surprised face. This face is surprised This is a Smiley SURPRISING DOLL Someone who is surprised to see a **** Found out a secret
Example of Use When someone threw me a birthday party I was surprised. You surprised me.. Smiley always reflects our mood. Doll surprising with new same like doll. Found out a secret totally surprised When someone threw me a party I was suprised Eating a pringle can 😮😮😮 awesome I’m surprised