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😷 Face With Medical Mask Emoji

Noun cover hospital face person Ebola Squitschy mask thing back up burn Buzzing dentist Doctor girl personal Sick Ill that smell Paramedic wtf Dog It's a doctor person😒 Euww Medical mask 😷 Ecoli dedc Cats cough Lola Person or docter Vet McKenna AXzndbbfdbef Cat PARASITE LIKE PERSON Docter Eww Nurse speachless Vmn Table surgeon time When you have that one negative person a I AM Dr.Smiley ugly Gagged and chained Fag Picture Devil cold ahhahahhahahaahahhahaahahahhahahahahahah , corona hi 2020 Poopy woopy poo-head hot
Verb covered sanitize to protect to cover wears dont come near me your sick Ebowling getting sick Germs to feel sick Dissapointed To sleep Sick throwing up Breathing love stay away To be sickly smells bad Work To run Who looks weird😤 No to operate Stop Gymnastics To work Sivk Cartweel To infect Preforming surgery Eww abounded to speak Vnvn Run working to STOP! IT! HURTS! Is a vet or person not trying to puke Plays ugly มื้พกด้่รง Sex slave Sugery Picture Operating Fdfvvg Really you still are reading Cough Be careful Keep Well , 2020 It got corona booyz hi
Adjective covered germy yellow disgusted cough Eboly throwing up sanitary Frowned eyebrows Gross Sick Blah Allergies Revoltingly sick smelly Hard working Fluffy Never GUTS Vomit protective really njmj Romantic Skinny Protected To be sick Yucj Infectious Germ free Eww Disgusting CNN Sikk red blood operate Not feeling well ... Loves ugly Purple Erotic fun Bigger Mask Ill , 2020 I think I got corona😷 😷
Definition A covered mouth Intensive care this is a face wearing a mask This is a mouth with a mask. The yellow face wears a sterile mask nothin Stay away, subject is a biohazard. ugly someone finds something disgusting The 3rd wave in the 5th wave H To think someone or something is gross or ugly That someone is sick or saw something gross being disgusted by something They are trying to not get sick. What does this emoji mean to you I don't feel good The look u give when u get cancer from a meme on instagram It means something is stanks. A very hard working paramedic saving peoples lives Oh hell no Skip This Im sick someone who is a doctor ill Love cold Someone about to operate It looks sick Sick The fluffy dog ran far No clietgg Doctor To be infectious or contagious in any way or emotion hi Eww I do not feel well get me outta here CNN Kry a sirgeon that is doing its job on dem testacales When someone's attitude is toxic Say your sick Conjunction Hi mom What does this mean? cool The ill person coughed White mark Coved 19 , eee 2020 They're I'll 😷
Example of Use My mouth is covered.. Sanitation and privacy is a priority in this wing.. I am not going outside without a mask on today. She wore a breathing mask.. When I visit people in the hospital, I sometimes need to wear a sterile mask.. ummnghn Nadia was feeling squitschy when she realized she left the beef jerky in the car she ratchet they see a picture of you and put that emoji🖼😷 Might Boy: he look at that throw up Girl: eww she was disgusted A The person wants to stay from others and not get sick. Hey mom, I don't feel good can I stay home today 😷 I went to the dentist yesterday. Sorry sent to wrong person Answer: 😷 Skip This Too Im Sick I am an doctor if you need someone to take a look at your child I am really 😷. A cat saw a day and the stopped and feel in love,then they went for a meal and the day made the table romantic When a vet has to operate on an animal they protect themselves from germs The DOCTOR is supposed TO WORK for 5 hours the patient LOOKS SICK the doctor is probably going TO GET SiCK The fluffy dog ran far Gf I am sick 😷 The fluffy cat ran home suspicious emoji Eww Smile time to operate on dem testicles 🤕 Creepypasta Cat plays love conjuction As if😷😷 😦😦 ugly I already did Purpose Miley purpose, never chase a mask on mask off 😷 Reaction to a picture Reaction to a picture of me "What's that smell?! 😷" 😷 Cough cough , aAa 2020 I think I have corona 😷😤🤒