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😓 Face With Cold Sweat Emoji

Noun Stress face tears Cold Sweat dog person noun person crying Headache Nervous boyfriend Allien star wbfuoew This thing is creepy Sweaty face gay wind boat Thing Hello my dudes and dudets speechless [05/08, 11:19 a.m.] ashokjena jena1: Tam Pneumonoultramicrosopicsilicovolcanoconi Sweat i just found this Emoji ugh
Verb to feel stress express crying to cry sweating dog To love to sob; cry Stressed to stress To run eifbbew It makes me want to run and hide from it nervouse to blow to jog feeling Erleichterung Action Hello my dudes and dudets fda f fdgdfgdfg Sadness So stressed [05/08, 11:19 a.m.] ashokjena jena1: Tam to die Stress Tired woohoo Sweating Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€œ
Adjective stressful tired sad weeping cold dog Stress So stessed Lush Cute Happy sad; depressed Nervous stressed out boy Daunting unhappy Fluffy pijefbewp His eyes are creepy Very sweaty Stressed tough unorganized Soft Hello my dudes and dudets You cry To stressed [05/08, 11:19 a.m.] ashokjena jena1: Tama ku ate khata bhuje death Tired and sleepy
Definition An emoji representing the feeling of stress tired smiley A way of showing negative emotion this is a face A bodily reaction when one is nervous or frightened dog Love scared crying or emotionally hurt Somethinsomeyhing ;ieifbiewbf[w It scares me and makes me not sleep it means sweaty to be hot Nothing gay AWESOMENESS It is very helpful The fluffy dog ran far Hello my dudes and dudets stressed When you cry or your mad 049bl3mß What does this emoji mean 😰 Sleepy Fgugfghgdhrgeu it to gdudgdhegrgryrurgruege rhruge he rgusgssjs duty ryyeugef it hffhufdtj streesed Stress
Example of Use I am tired today. She cried with sad tears rolling down her face. The face cries when it find out something sad. Sally was nervous for her test so she broke out in a cold sweat.. dog I need love I am so sad I am hurt because of what you did yesterday Why does this exist? omg its so hot omg it is so hot SWEATY PERSON The tough boat was trying to kill me, but it wasn't going too fast, so I decided to jog. The soft thing is very fast The fluffy dog ran far Hello my dudes and dudets When I went out with sombody and I don't like them I am tired today Pneumonoultramicrosopicsilicovolcanoconiosis wanted to not be a disease so it wanted to die. it felt like nothing Im so tired Crying