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👀 Eyes Emoji

Noun eyes Boy eye of cthulhu OMG eyes Poo stalker HELLO eye,s. mkmk Eye person Eyes/ what or ? heart Looking for something popcorn Wife God me spying peep gay i see u imsonia Look I'm looking at my text message Plane thing Interesting Sally Eudaldk Dkdjk A person likes you dog I got my eyes on you, I'm watching Question creep London Eyes liking at you Matt Eyes to see masturbation while hiding ðŸ awkward eyes . , I am watching you masturbate send nudes Stimuli shush S E X Y
Verb to look, To see look to look Staring at something pretty to see. to blink. to stare To lurk Looking Walk stalking ITS ME stalker to look around نا Preeing To stare Looking/questioning Lurking Watching to eat See When you see the booty creeping spying to look at someone or stalking them I saw Move Questioning Fly I'm watching you round Jump Fkföä Fjk Poi He wants to go Mary you to run to walk To ask always watching Wow whistle Picture with my cousin investigate .。 ,,. , । sending nudes Side eyeing the crap out of someone I spy hotdog balls! Is no Show Me Ur B O S Show me 👀
Adjective green, Visual beautiful nervous staring In love pupils Creeper Wide open Dumb stalky stalker AMAZED i was wondering that after all these years youll like to mee stalking your crush soft Eyes spooked Green eyes Staring problem Eyes lurking Questioning Stalking White/color Big eyes slimy good Wet You Seriously? awsome weird large clearly Brown spying STALKER ; INVESTIGATING ; CURIOUS Visible White and black Bubbles & Smoke Smothe Creepy Bold Smelly Phliilp Fko fluffy Skinny 2 things which let you see Daddy? Do you mean my hot bf fatty Questionably googlie Sexy ;) sharply pusls Side eyed Missing green Looking . .. no
Definition These are a pair of green eyes. These are eyes organ that sees The eyes are looking at something. It means that somebodys always lurking & looking Somtime👀 Lol U see a picture and your looking or when you see a girl you would put 👀 to flirt IM WATCHING YOU nothing TO GO OVER creeping him/her out To look at it mean,s i,m looking around and i,m scared. I'm watching you or I see you I'm watching you or I see you go out فباتفزته It looks scared. Lurking I'm spying on you What do you mean? Are you there? Looking at someone Eyes looking at something. Big eyes antibullying it means i live popcorn To look Seriously? No way? WT? What does blue eyes mean Pervy eyes. Or deceitful eyes creepy That dogs are cute creatures. To look at some one gay to admire someone ITS WHEN YOU'RE CURIOUS See can't sleep, waking up in the middle of the night Looking Surprised Tweaking I Looking at somebody I'm watching u two eyeballs stairing at me Tho emoji is a stalker B🤥👀 Eggs dad is a very nice Fjfjfkfö Dkdd I think it means a boy thinks you are cute the fluffy dog ran far. fun and loveliness The skinny dog ran far To see i crave the sweet release of death 😜 the What is going on? a guy that must go home I'm watching you I'm watching Looking at you What does this mean when somone sends it to u awkward I got you Flirtatious 👀 Send nudes it maks me latr g When someone does or says something and your response is that you're looking, or if you're watching a Facebook argument you'd say 👀🍿 What does it mean green eyes What does this emoji mean Look At To look into the void or to look into the sun
Example of Use The green eyes gaze at the left side of your screen.. the cat's eyes are brown. I was nervous about what I would see at the store.. Something caught my eye and I couldn't help but look.. You stay lurking on my Instagram Jshdhehdhdjdjd im a stalker when you see the booty EVERYTHING i am stalking him on instagram I look good , look over there i,m scared My eyes are blue 👀 These eyes are looking very spooked. Starting promblem or lurking What do you mean? 👀 really do you Eyes or look Me when I noticed this sites initials were WTF... if u being a bully, eye c u i love to eat popcorn because its good I look out the window np stop creeping me out Dogs like to run and are fluffy. I looked for my dog. I got my eyes on you👀 ARE YOU TRYIN TO STALK ME. YOU ASK WHEN SHE SENDS YOU THAT EMOJI. NOPE. NUH UH. THAT MEANS WHAY SHE IS TRYIN TO SAY IS.......................................................................I'M NOSY AND I WANT TO BE ALL UP IN YOUR BUISSNESS.(and yas i know i spelled that wrong) i am here spying on my ex GOT MY EYES ON YOU FAM I saw kitty looking at my eyes My eyes are big move are black and white They Twisted that bubble so much they were tweaking out in their eyes were big as ever come on people now that they have been doing something because the girl's name was Crystal and she always blue big clouds smoke people knew she did something because your eyes are so big and she was always tweaking she like to twerk too What are you doing? 👀 am a scientist doing a study of emoticons. The plane is flying in the air and is looking down at the ground Hey I saw you at the shops 2day I'm watching you Interesting Sally look bold looking The only fact is that it I love have I'm good looking DiiLdo Fkk "She I cute I want to go Mary her the fluffy dog ran far. i love running fluffy dogs. Why do we have to use dog The eyes let you to see things Hey, what is going on? the stalker is always watching Sister I am watching you Omg👀❤ I'm gonna take a shower What does it means Sharp look👀 💘😘👀💘😘👀👍 Me and yours language T h a n K s 👀👸🏻 Emily and Nate got into an argument on her post and I was like. 👀🍿 You closely looking at patient for either psychotic or mental health purposes. Can't see you tonite eavesdropper I see u stalking me 👀