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😑 Expressionless Face Emoji

Noun Smiley symbol graphic face a face Chinese indifferent bruh emoji Dog Bun no just no asian person shut up Anne When jodi tells a joke No emotion A blank face Bruh Frisk Asians emotionless Cat Bad umbrella Pathetic Non plus Woman Straight face when Stephen wewq S expressionless face Derp dull NO ANSWER FIGHT ME SANS -_- Haha. Like funny 😑 Boss challenge WOT IN TARNATION emoji omg What Famous lady Frantic . Home 😑 Meh naughtness caring 😍 sigh Sad and mad Bruher Human you care Noob Bacon hair 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😝 No confidence BRU Brave Cunfused
Verb To Reflect cry to express shows to squint to show no affection To be annoyed Chinesan indifferent To run Roasting Annoyed To show a person that there upset or mad Looks Staring To have an empty mind or not feeling too Really Undertale Died to feel no expression Walk To dance shrug exhausted Fight me Pathetic Drawing a blank ...Bland Sigh Miss To Sigh run makes Sleeping Determination to show no emotion To question someone To care FIGHT ME SANS Oh silly 😂🤣 Indifference Care rolling eyes constipated omg anoyyed Bruh Sec Running eyebrows to side Stop talking 😑 mad frustrated irritate Duh caring 😗 shaping your face like that Laughing ft😇😎😇😎😯😃😍😇 Annoy smilong Bruhing Doing nothing Smile are fdafd Pro 😈 😈 😈 😈 😝 lllll meh To be shy BRU Worry Boring jump
Adjective Reflecting crying indifferent yellow unconcerned Pathetic Indifference angry, annoyed, mad meh Fluffy Confused quite SALTINESS Beautiful Not amused Blank, empty, hidden What are you on about Determination expressionless steak Iover ball Funny annoying In a droll manner Indiference Relieved You Stretched eyes a joke Bummed bruh dull unamused yellow face is not responding he will be right back in 5 min FIGHT ME SANS 😑 annoyed nothing omg duh bruh really Sexy Anoying Pretty Happy Amused Underwhelming caring 😚 shoulder shrug Bravest Duh frustrated Apologetic bordly Emotionless afsadfdfafdf bad z Unique 😈 😈 😈 😝 Blank 0oooo Laidback BRU Yybhgjuyu jbiuniyjgtutukuyug iliuiuoinlilojpjhppjknlonilkjli cute bored W fcvzfc 😑cgvfttgvdbgxhjbdgbvdxz v∫ √ c. & ugh blue
Definition This is a smiley crying symbol This graphic expresses indifference. The yellow faces shows a blank expression. This is an unemotional face. Bruh really. It means your why are you here To be saying seriously to someone . To sigh Not happy BRUH Really bro did you just say that? Asian people have squinting eyes It means like someone is annoyed at another person. no just no, just stop The emoji represents a time or a moment that you have nothing inside. You many not want to express your feelings or thoughts through texting and using the 😑 Face shows that you are not in the mood for something. nothing Really Bruh (what is wrong with you) . Frisk, undertale Confused Very nice Everything indifference Fed up Smile what does it mean? Neither here nor there so shut up a ya face .. He used to be brave but is now pathetic Wimpy, useless Annoyed A man miss à woman I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe you just did that. Umm that didn't happen. i dont care Asian, It have stretched eyes When Stephen makes a joke He's in school It means someone who is lacking emotion or expression. Needs a life Bruh... (Did you really have to do that.?) This is when someone tells a joke or something and you react by being "nonplussed." FIGHT ME SANS Hahahaha Unfeeling FOLLOW MEH ON INSTAGRAM, MUSIC.LY @TEXASTECHLUVER103 !! MEH SC IS @TEXASTECHLUV103 it is how I react normally ;) He is constipated like Aidan Batterman He is stupid too. what Burh A lot when your annoyed with what somebody else is doing ADD ME ON INSTA: avixnna ADD ME ON SNAP: aviannax.312 I care about you 😑 Care caring 😊 Brave Frustrated Apology Don't want to be bothered or annoyed (bugged) Cares for people okay, so what No emotion, smile with wide eyes open It means that you are probably annoyed or expressionless. afdadaff unique 😈 😈 😝 The emoji is not amused at all jjjjj meh Work to be positive and ignore judgments BRu beuh not in a mood, just wanna be alone sad
Example of Use Smiley always reflects our mood. the symbol shows cry. I am indifferent about which movie to see.. I like way the smiley face has adapted to show different expressions.. The person was unemotional.. Why is this potato looking at me? Really bro Oh my gosh are you serious I don't care I'm pathetic. Everyone had an empty thought. Bruh The Asians Have Eyes Like that no trying to be raicst and died because I couldnt think of something else He looks confused i cant believe mr clark gave us hw Iover ball I am happy I'm completely indifferent to whether you like me or not I am pathetic He used to be brave but now he is pathetic I am so annoyed dog, to run, fluffy What race are you? Asian. When Stephen makes a joke He's in school The expressionless face showed no emotion while replying to his comrade, "bruh". The girl who watches tv all is pathetic Bruh... why are you at this party..? "What should I wear tonight?" "Wear a trash bag." "-.-" JAPAN FIGHT ME SANS What does face mean SILLY I care about you My sister continuously ignored me when I was talking about something important from my school when I was about 10. Aidan B was constipatesd because kylie will not date him. Feeling sad want to support you Duh, I knew that 😑 When someone dumb says somethin' dumb, you be like... The big sexy beast. HAt sex with and ugly person Brave eyes The posh lady was running frantically its annoying what your doing so stop please!! I couldn't care less 😑 Annoyed thanks for caring 😇 Meh Ex girlfriend F FFf😇 I got frustrated trying to figure out how to use these emojis. I like chilli You are annoyed. daafda Who cares about life sfsfd Bacon hair is pro and unique 😈 😝 Why can i just dance like that... BRUTHER Can ujjbmuljuynjj,bubkuhkm ,’ m,’mj7()n Kim no,no,.m;,.8,ink.on.I.iliiklIokOK.,moi.lnolnlOmLOo,milk?,o.l.mol Can ujjbmuljuynjj,bubkuhkm ,’ m,’mj7()n Kim no,no,.m;,.8,ink.on.I.iliiklIokLOo,milk?,o.l.mol Can ujjbmuljuynjj,bubkuhkm ,’ m,’mj7()n Kim no,no,.m;,.8,ink.on.I.iliiklIokLOo,milk?, Can ujjbmuljuynjj,bubkuhkm ,’ m,’mj7()n Kim no,no,.m;,.8,ink.on.I.iliiklIokLOo,milk you are a bruh face. Dsdfvdsfgdgshfdggsdgcdbhnnfgfh cncnfhcd I don't care for people who don't care for me SUP BRUH a cat jumping into a blue pool sad