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❗ Exclamation Mark Emoji

Noun Exclamation Mark Exclamation point Symbol Emoji exclamation Kashi Picture Nicole dog Metal gear boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi car poinnt 🐼
Verb suprising Excalim use To exclaim To Reflect Angry My bestie Exclamation run Still
Adjective excitement To exclaim red Loud Reflecting Mad feeling Please t Noticeable fluffy Straight
Definition A punctuation mark to note excitement or emphasis A point at the end of a sentence This is a red exclamation point. This is an exclamation point. This is an exclamatory symbol To me it means that person is a dangerous person or a frenemy. Better pic the fluffy dog ran far Scary
Example of Use Jack finished his statement with an exclamation mark to add emphasis.. When I'm excited I use exclamation points. Use an exclamation point when you want to show excitement.. The letter writer finished his angry note with numerous exclamation points.. Exclamatory is used to express happiness or sadness. That person is my frenemy the fluffy dog ran far E