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🔌 Electric Plug Emoji

Noun Electric Plug Cord Plug The plug dealer Person leoπŸ‘»πŸ˜πŸ˜ Cool Tre police ketamin crime dog Outlet
Verb To plug something in plug Plugging electrifies To power To be the plug Lit darek Black Shh Cool Tre work Plug into me
Adjective Black electric To plug in Electrified Hook up She the plug The plug moves to one place to another Loll Cool Tre drug dealer Wall outlet
Definition This unit transfers power from one thing to another A way of transfering electricty to a device Plugging the cord in the outlet electric plug This is a plug. U got a move to make a plug Ur the hook up a person who deals drugs It Means that your Relationship is tight πŸ”Œ I'm electric A plug for a i phone charger hurt Love Friendship Tre A outlet on the wall for a phone charger
Example of Use Where's the plug for the television?. I plugged the electric cord into the socket. I plugged my tv in. The plug electrifies the lamp.. He plugged in his new TV.. U got a move to make a plug Yo I'm the plug We can get high later, I gotta wait for my plug I had to run away from a fluffy dog It is a cord that is a i phone charger and moves from one place or another Ayee Cool Tre how are you today? Where is the plug