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🌽 Ear Of Corn Emoji

Noun Corn on the cob Corn BANANA It means you're joke is corny Tasty cat jangin in the cob Γ°ΕΈΕ’Β½ corn.
Verb eat to eat to grow BANANA CORNY Deliciously good my favorite TU EET To grow, to eat, etc corning and cobbig day and night corn. ীররর
Adjective Yellow tasty fresh BANANA You're joke is terrible Green yellow and juicy corn juice Kaleb's corn Big vegetable gross and big corn.
Definition This is a corn on the cob. a fruit with corns this is a corn this is a corn cob This is corn on the cob. BANANA Goo goo ha ha It is my fav veggies IT IS SUM CAWN ON THA COBB This means just the plain corn on the cob. rude sometimes is like the Jang corn.
Example of Use The farmer took the corn on the cob to be sold at the market.. we will cook corns today. I would like some corn with that steak. Let's get some fresh vegetable tonight.. IT WAS LATE AT NIGHT AND I WAS TEXTING MY FRIEND SAYING, "BANANA" AS I SENT THIS EMOJI AS WELL I just seriously love corn I think everybody should know that I love corn I AET SUM CAWN ON THA COBB Emily loves kalebs corn Maggie: "Girl, I just grew corn on the cob! Wanna eat it?" Maya: "Sure, sounds great! Here is the knife, slice it in two pieces for both of us." Janging in the cob is triffling corn.