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👂 Ear Emoji

Noun ear cat Drops rex The ear Mum Sugar Bruh Hearing thing Scared People Dog Kissing Emoji Macbeth Listen to my text message please Mom Qustion happening Every day ear Eat Heart listening
Verb sound to listen hearing hear To hear jumps listen jog Heard Repeating Rhodos To jump To play football Run Macbeth is lit Walking to run What is Still Moves Sprinkles Nothing Insertion and retraction Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€š
Adjective hear an organ small attentive Helpful Round Hard silky soft Black penguin Weird shaped Relentlessly I ssWe Black Excited To hear Cute Bendable Bendy Fluffy Still lit Chewy people Loud Good listener What? Ear-shaped Eary Sweet Nothing Ear emoji, yellow skin tone
Definition organ of listening A part of the body used to hear sound an body part used for hearing and listening This is an ear. The ear is the body part that deciphers sound NOTHING cant here you Heard black penguin It means to listens with your Γ°ΕΈβ€˜β€š I heard you See Fun,exciting, I hear, or listen Love I hear you. Happy thoughts Macbeth It means you are listening to what the person is texting/saying Ear you need ears to hear people I'm listening I can not hear you I am listening. Need to know An ear Flappy Hearing Heard
Example of Use keep your ears always open here. I had to turn down the sound it was hurting my ears.. John whispered into Jane's ear so that they could share the secret.. I listened with one ear open.. My ears are hurting after that concert last night. No i cant here you here The penguin heard a black penguin I donat Nee d Thisla SswSs Fun,exciting I hear you Be there soon I'll listen The ear helps you to hear it's bendy I hear you! The ear can listen and when eat it,it will probably taste chewy. Ear hear me out people love me I'm walking and I heard my mom yell really loud at me I can not hear you I am a good listener. Hey, what's happening? Your ear is round. They get waxy and theirs 2 of them , they come in a pair and they're called and ear. Nothing Hear with your ear Listen A bully at work with massive ears I'm listening I can’t hear Γ°ΕΈβ€˜β€šΓ°ΕΈΒΒ» you