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💧 Droplet Emoji

Noun Water faucet Drop SPERM Mall Wet and ready for seed women Water Drop vku Cat Mom Y
Verb drip leak Raining drop Wet To pour intercourse Dripping SPERM je pup Sitting Fart To spill
Adjective wet drippy Solid šit Fluffy Squishy
Definition a way of indicating liquid Save water A water drop Water is a transparent fluid. a form of water in its simplest form It means like its rainy outside Wet and ready at any time Wet dreams SPERM Lips tongue double rain drop Rain
Example of Use A single wet drop of water fell from the tap. Every drop counts.. It is raining.. Water is wet.. The rain drops fell on the tin house roof.. The Sperm It is rainy outside. Come on over I'm πŸ’§ I spilt water on the table. SPERM Lips tongue double rain drops I have a butt