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🤤 Drooling Face Emoji

Noun HOW YOU FEEL WHEN LOOKING AT TACOBELL 🎇 HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOU LOOK AT LAUREN GRACE MORAN When you see justin bibber funny Thing 🤤💦🤤💦🤤💦 When you see him her for a pretty person Selena Gomez around tacos (source: Poptoons) emoji It shows the love for you and that person when you use this A kiss Drooling 🤤 fingers Drool
Verb HOW YOU FEEL WHEN LOOKING AT MCDONALDS 🍟 When you want to eat chocolate drizzled donuts Drool Gobble slurp warm taste 🤤💦🤤💦🤤💦 kiss To be in love with something; to die for drooling over them drooling Kisses
Adjective HOW YOU FEEL WHEN LOOKING AT DUNKIN DOUNTS 🤞🏼 Like Tasty 🤤💦🤤💦🤤💦 Drowning kiss sexy Yummy Kissing
Definition HOW YOU FEEL WHEN LOOKING AT PIZZA HUT What you do when you have school When you see nice fried chicken or when your thirsty A goofy head That person is fine 🤤💦🤤💦🤤💦 Kiss me what does it mean I'm HUNGRY 🤤
Example of Use HOW YOU FEEL WHEN LOOKING AT KFC 😁😤👌😀❤️😥⚜️🌴😄⚜️🏡😃😄😞😗😟🙂😙 This is how I felt when I saw justin bibber eating a donut and fried chicken Tasty 🤤💦🤤💦🤤💦 When you see your celebrity crush doing what you do I'll kiss you BDK DIE Lz 4 LAMRON 300K 600K GDN ON LARRY HOOVER ALL IS ONE 💯💯💯 oml look at that sexy girl Selena Gomez wants taco! 🤤🌮 hi when you see bae or crush🤤😋 Jelous I will kiss your nick