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👗 Dress Emoji

Noun dress frock Clothes This can be a muumuu lol dancers ball gown Beautiful Blue Dress sleeveless dress DAMET cat Tvbbjmvmvmbm Skirt Knitwear Korean :)
Verb to wear wear to wear, to dress up to shine Dress dancing twirl going out clubbing dancer dress BADO dressing up Happy hehhehehheheheheh]
Adjective lovely blue turquise pretty fancy, pretty, wearable fashionable Smoth Flowy party silky Pleated Belt wide ANTT colors Black
Definition an article of clothing with an open bottom for females This is a frock This is a dress, which is a piece of clothing. This is a dress. A one peice garment typically worn by women cosisiting of a top and skirt sewn together Your beautiful Dresses should be worn by everyone. beauty It is a calm easy and comfortable way to dress Party at the club It is verry girly Have to get ready for party party, sylish, (Grandma's dancing dress doing the twist),turquoise,nice black belt, and Vivienne BEUTIFUL DRESS The dress is pretty and blue this dress is so nice i love dresses To me, it means going out to party or dance, or getting a new dress. I am gonna look good tonight, getting dressed up Party dress It means girly girl Standard or STD 😃 Hllgmmmbragyehrkklgkmhhjjkb Love
Example of Use I just love that dress. Ladies like to wear frock.. The woman wore the blue dress.. This is a pretty dress.. I feel pretty wearing my new dress. The actress shined while walking the red carpet she is so fashionable This dress is awesome Dancer dancing at party idgas The dress is pretty. I Vivienne twirled into the turquoise room with a rustle of her silky dress. Everyone fell silent because she was so beautiful. HAVE A DOG KNOW HOW TO RUN FLUFFY COAT She twirled in the dress. i wore the dress to school. It's your b-day Let's dress up and go dancing I Let's dress up and go 💃🏼 I Dresses are ugly and dumb 🚫👗, 🚫👙. 🚫👕, 🚫👖 . . .you and me, tonight! 🌃🎆🎇🎉 Mia Pezzato Inflamed pudding privates I love u