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🐉 Dragon Emoji

Noun dragon A thingy green dragon fiery beast bnbnb Green, scaly, breathing fire 🔥 ااتغغ Green, scally, breathing fire.
Verb to fly to hiss being a monster to hold Curled Flying To steal to destroy and protect ghg Power, ععفغاا
Adjective green scary Ancient Cool Evil scaly+soft scally bv bb strong, mean, fierce, inspiring Mean Red نغع
Definition this is a dragon This is a dragon. This is a green dragon holding a crystal ball. A mythical lizard creature Dragons This emoji means to take something it a nice green dragon. My sister hjfgfgghf me, I am strong, fierce, and brave. Scary bug thing 754
Example of Use let. The dragon hissed at her.. Your temper is like a dragon.. The dragon holding the crystal ball would make a great tattoo.. The ancient dragon curled about his crystal ball. My thingy took my evilness this green dragon is destroying and protecting the land with it scaly and soft skin. The scally. fiery beast likes to fly for my sister's entertainment hfgfg You are like a mean dragon A mean person The night saved the princess by slaying the dragon غعهخح this green dragon is destroying and protecting the land withers scaly soft skin.