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➿ Double Curly Loop Emoji

Noun Free dial swirly symbol line Shadowhunter Boobs obviously Dog Sun M
Verb dialing to swirl draw to loop to curl to fight Cycling ➿ 🎢📳
Adjective free loopy none looped curly brave Fast 🚼🎢
Definition free to use a dial-up, no charge this is a swirly its a symbol This is two loops. The button is curly. Two Angelic runes together. From The Mortal Instruments book series. ➿ Teach your dog to cycle 🎎
Example of Use She used the free dial-up to use the internet.. do you have a crazy straw at your house?. none. I took looped around the pole.. Press the curly button.. 🌄🚢 Double curly loop