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🔯 Dotted Six-pointed Star Emoji

Noun star Star of David Judaism Jew Mara The Devil Symbol 🔯20Записки във 🛐 🌈🔠Satan
Verb to star to shine symbolizing to belong shine Cheese collect money Swim 😱 🔯
Adjective Jewish shiny purple religious Love 👻 🔯
Definition This is a Jewish star. This is a star. a religious symbol of Judiasm Icon denotes the Jewish religion. A star is a celestial object. SATAN (without the middle) Peace 😒 🔯
Example of Use The Jewish star shone brightly.. There were many stars visible at night.. Molly wore the Star of David during Hanukkah.. Judaism is a major religion.. The star shone all night.. Myself 🤔😱😈😬😲😭 🔯