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🐬 Dolphin Emoji

Noun dolphin dophin nose Cute dolphin puppy DOLPHIN, MADAM
Verb swim swimming jump to be amazing To swim, jump, play, etc. mid jump
Adjective blue fast jumping large big Smart tiny and fluffy Shiny, hard, smooth. smooth Jump
Definition a sea mammal This is a dolphin. Dolphin Show An aquatic animal found in the ocean with a curved fin A large aquatic mammal. That there smart. the cutest thing on earth This is a dolphin. There are different types of dolphins. This dolphin seems to be a bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins are extremely cute, and they are the second smartest creature on Earth. Humans are the third smartest, and mice are the smartest. At least, according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. The dolphin leaped to get a treat. Famliy
Example of Use the dolphin swims in the ocean. The dolphin swims fast.. The next aquarium show will be at 2:00 pm.. The dolphin leaped from the water leaving the site-seers in awe.. WE saw a group of dolphins off of the beach.. Dolphins are smart Γ°ΕΈΒ€β€œ , Dolphins are cute 😊 , Dolphins can jump farther than you 🐬. the amazing puppy ran over to me. I saw a dolphin eating a fish. Mammal