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disappointed face

😞 Disappointed Face Emoji

Noun Defeat face sad face Disappointed Face Duh face baby sad kjdfha;jshf
Verb to frown sad crying unhappy hurting to be annoyed Sarcasticly responding to an obvious statement or question e sleep disturbed Give Sorry
Adjective Defeated unhappy frowny sad sadness pissed off Stressed Annoyed,disappointed, 'are you serious face' tired yellow
Definition I give up. This is an unhappy face. to display emotion of sadness sad face To be unhappy the emotion when things go a worse way someone thought they would In love It's the duh face - when you sarcastically reply duh to someone after they've asked a really obvious question etc It means i'm tired! depressed
Example of Use The face was so unhappy.. Lucy made a sad face. The crying face cries because it is sad.. My son fell of his bike and he had such a sad face.. Jake was disappointed that he did not get the job.. I'm as tired as a baby and want to go to sleep!!! I'm am tired!! chicken brust I give up Forgive Sorry, it's okay Sad, disappointed