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disappointed face

😞 Disappointed Face Emoji

Noun Defeat face sad face Disappointed Face Duh face baby sad A person who lied to u defeated face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Pooja nagpur Sorry Hey guys I just pooped
Verb to frown sad crying unhappy hurting to be annoyed Sarcasticly responding to an obvious statement or question e sleep disturbed Give Sorry Can't believe it help Really hard
Adjective Defeated unhappy frowny sad sadness pissed off Stressed Annoyed,disappointed, 'are you serious face' tired yellow Why disappointed cuz he is caught from committing a crime Like it smells horrible
Definition I give up. This is an unhappy face. to display emotion of sadness sad face To be unhappy the emotion when things go a worse way someone thought they would In love It's the duh face - when you sarcastically reply duh to someone after they've asked a really obvious question etc It means i'm tired! depressed I'm so disappointed Very sad and dedefeated I will give up Sad Sorry emoji Poopy
Example of Use The face was so unhappy.. Lucy made a sad face. The crying face cries because it is sad.. My son fell of his bike and he had such a sad face.. Jake was disappointed that he did not get the job.. I'm as tired as a baby and want to go to sleep!!! I'm am tired!! chicken brust I give up Forgive Sorry, it's okay Sad, disappointed Disappointed crying Oh no! I am gonna be shot and killed Heart me I was sorry to my friends Yep