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😥 Disappointed But Relieved Face Emoji

Noun face tear Tears me Sad Person crying Sad 😩 uriel Disappointied and sad
Verb crying to cry Cry To be nervous Bored
Adjective sad sadness a lot Nervous water
Definition sad face A face representing sadness by showing crying Liquid produced by eyes when sad This is a sad tear. This is a sad face. a sad emoji crying about something Nervous or anxious about something ( notice the sweat not tear) The emoji means that u r UPSET AND SAD AND DISAPPOINTED. cry sad hurt depressed
Example of Use The sad face cries.. I just want to cry.. The tears rolled down his face as she cried. I am so sad I am crying.. I felt sad over something bad happening. I am very sad because daddy isn't home I'm anxious about my presentation today. I was sad he cryed home I feel so sad and hurt, I know i am depressed, what should I do ?