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🎯 Direct Hit Emoji

Noun Bullseye target Darts Person Diana Hi Dart Kirky 🎯
Verb aim to shoot Dart throwing to hit aiming Work You throw it Target Squirt 💦 Gold 🎯
Adjective accurate red To play darts center Back to Sharp Hit Bullseye
Definition the center of the target this is a target Throw darts at a target To hit the very center of a target. the center of a target in sports such as archery, shooting, and darts. It means when you play darts what does this symbol mean Right on target 😰 🎯
Example of Use I was excited getting a bullseye in the darts tournament. you are on the right track. I played darts last night. We played darts and I got 4 bulls-eyes in the first game.. Frank hit the bullseye last time.. I like to play darts Kiss 😞 nah 🎯 Heart eyes Perfect