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🌳 Deciduous Tree Emoji

Noun Tree Weed gift Broccoli Nugget Ulla the tré Deku
Verb growing SHADE To Give grow To grow To Smoke Weed smoke Nugget come to the tré
Adjective green LARGE Giving a Nugget of weed smoke weird
Definition A plant that grows from the ground and makes up a forest A LARGE PLANT This is tree A tree is a plant with trunk and leaves. This is a tree. The tree emoji to me to means weed because it looks like a nugget of weed, I usually use it along with the fire emoji and the puff of smoke emoji BROCCOLI jew 🌳👀🌳 I usually see this emoji with weird "are u coming to the tré" videos Deku
Example of Use The tree stood strong and mighty in the forest.. THE LARGE TREE SHADED OUR YARD. Trees are giving oxygen for humans to breathe. A tree has a brown trunk and green leaves.. I planted a tree.. weed bro Gift smoke smoke Послан Как подарок are👁👄👁you✨are👁👄👁you😌coming😼to😻de🌳tré💖💅 deku from mha